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April 6, 2015 | News

Tastings, tastings and more tastings!  Brides are rushing in to taste their potential menus for their reception.  Tastings are always cool because you get to sit back, relax and focus in on making their tasting experience awesome.  It’s also cool to meet the potential clients and wow them with our personality.  Give me a shot of Crown Royal and let the comedy routine begin.  I love talking and meeting new people.   We don’t just talk about food at our tastings, I always ask how the trip up, down, over or across was….how was the flight….how was the drive etc.  This always leads into another conversation.  Family is huge to me.  I always ask about their’s and bragg on my at the time 1  but now 2 boys!  My lovely wife Courtney is always there and helps with the tastings.  If not her it’s my stepmother Ann Marie or my father John Thomas.  Family…hell its a family business, why not talk about family during the tasting?  I would like to think that the custom menus we prepare are our selling point, but I also believe that once these people actually meet who will be taking care of them on their special day is an extra added bonus.  See, we already talked about more than just food during this blog. This particular couple was really cool.  Their reception isn’t until 2016 but they were eager to get up here and do a tasting to lock us in.  Congrats to Stephanie!  We are looking forward to catering your reception. Below is a menu and some pictures of some tasty treats!  Enjoy! 905782_10206852284411977_384334016480379914_o 11079995_10206852285131995_3024043321943111271_o 11075295_10206852283971966_7539298621368489718_o 11069596_10206852283611957_1223019196472492707_o 11070760_10206852284691984_3338543025751150632_o 1974255_10206852284371976_1119363256216709981_o    10956361_10206852283531955_1565209300529561922_o 10984504_10206852283571956_8993633565691756187_o


Deviled Quail Eggs w/chive and smoked paprika oils

Tomato Bruschetta w/fresh mozz, pecan pesto, balsamic

Shrimp + Scallop Ceviche w/jalapeno, trinity citrus, cilantro oil

Confit Chicken Thigh w/truffle cheddar mac n cheese, apple relish

Pan Roasted Grouper w/local field peas, lobster mash taters, vanilla butter

Char Grilled Hanger Steak w/thyme whipped potatoes, pureed carrots, red wine

Hope you all enjoy!

Thanks, JTHOMAS.

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