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August 12, 2015 | News

Well I guess it’s true what they say.  Good things come to those who wait.  As I mentioned before, we started this business out of my free standing garage back in 2012.  Piecing together equipment and using personal funds to really I guess fuel a personal hobby since I had been out of the business for 2 years.  Sorry, but for those who have never done it, once cooking professionally gets in your blood, it’s there.  It’s not going away.  It may hide out but it’s there always.  It’s a passion that I live for.  If you don’t believe me, just pick up any chef biography and I promise you the first paragraph will explain everything to you.

I tried and tried to get into one of the hottest, if not the hottest wedding venue in Savannah for years.  Ray, the director at The Tybee Island Wedding Chapel told me, “look man, I’ll refer you but you really need a website.”  Well long story short, we were really just toying with the catering business and quite frankly didn’t have the extra personal income to start a website.  I really didn’t realize how expensive it was to have someone customize you a personal webpage.  Anyway, 2 years later we decided to move forward on a website and a storefront.  The garage got me to the brick wall, it was up to me to bust through it.  Well the rest is history, July of 2014 we went live on the web and we have tripled our first year projections.  Oh yeah, did mention that Ray kept his promise and referred everybody to us.  We have several on the books at The Tybee Island Wedding Chapel.

Haley’s mom gave me a call about two months before her wedding was scheduled.  Her mom was nervous about not having a caterer locked in and the date being right around the corner.  It just so happened that I had the date available.  It was a beautiful reception and I can’t say enough about Ray and his staff.  The Tybee Island Wedding Chapel is “BEAUTIFUL”!  If you have not been inside or to an event there it is a must see.  Haley was a beautiful bride and we wish her and Nate the best!  Congrats!

Pictures and Menu below.

Also a huge shout out to Genina Ramirez for designing our website.  Like I said, it has put us through, up and over the brick wall!

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Passed Apps

JTHOMAS Crab Cakes w/gremolata + Citrus Dill Aioli

Stuffed Strawberries w/homemade boursin cheese, mint syrup, balsamic glaze


Char Grilled Chicken w/three apple salad, green apple syrup

Sous Vide Pork Tenderloin w/pineapple peach marmalade

Summer Veggie Pasta w/fine herb cream, summer veggies


Haricot Vert w/caramelized shallots

Mac + Cheese w/smoked gouda cheese, black truffles

Ratatouille w/seasonal summer veggies

Cheddar Green Onion Biscuits

Coffee Bar

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