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August 12, 2015 | News

As I have explained before, I have been in the restaurant business since I was a kid.  You guys read the blog about my dad having me on a milk crate washing dishes at 8 years old…yeah yeah, I won’t go into it again.  So anyway, what do you do when the owner of the Crab Shack (Jack Flanigan) calls you up on July 28th to do a sit down dinner for Belinda Flanigan on her birthday July 30th…you do it!  Did I mention that they gave me my very first cooking job at the age of 13….so yeah, I’ll do the party on short notice.

So there I was, sitting at work (my longshoreman job) watching the world’s cargo move at record speeds through the Port of Savannah, GA.  Then my phone started ringing.  It was a long time friend of mine, Justin Fowler, who has been running the Crab Shack for over 10 years since my father handed over the helm.  Justin tells me that Jack is looking for someone to cater Belinda’s Birthday dinner and my name came up.  I said, “sure, when is it?”  Justin says, “in two days!”  I was like, “dude I am slammed this weekend with two events back to back, but I’ll make it happen!”  These people have watched me grow up.  I worked for Jack & Belinda for years…hell, so did most of my friends.  I would do anything for these people.

We did a bunch of courses but the main course was the highlight.  “THE ULTIMATE SURF + TURF”

50z petite filet cooked sous vide topped with a sous vide cold water lobster tail w/truffled lobster mashed potatoes, charred asparagus, carrot ginger puree, blue crab hollandaise

Happy Birthday Belinda!!!!!

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