BlogOne Full Year Since We Last Blogged!!! We Are Back!!!

October 12, 2016 | News

Well, well, well….what can I say???  Last year was our first year in business and man did it eat us up!!!!  Fall wedding season hit us last year like a ton of bricks.  We did 19 events last October and we are on pace to do that this year.  It turned into me telling myself, “man I should really blog that last wedding.”  A week would go by and I would say to myself “man I really should blog those last two weddings…”  I think you get the idea where this is going…NO…well let me break it down for you.  October of 2015 has come and gone, I barely survived.  Then November was busy as hell, did I mention we had a wedding the day after Thanksgiving?  Keep in mind I am still saying to myself “man I should really blog about those last 20 weddings…”   Then December hit, Holiday parties and Christmas.  A two year old and a new baby are not helping me out either.  So I get through it.  January arrives.  Ahhh the slow season.  Man I should really take this time to blog about those last 30 events….maybe tomorrow.  Damn, its spring wedding season, I should really blog.  Ok, I think you are getting it by now and if you’re not too bad, it’s my first blog in over a year and I’m already tired of typing.  Anyhow….I’m back!  I wanna give a huge shout out to all of my wonderful brides who have gotten married and decided to have us cater their reception.  All of yall were beautiful!  I have attached some pics to show you guys what we have been up too in the last year.  I hope you all enjoy and I am gonna try to keep up with blog a little better this year!  Thanks for all of your continued support!!!!   IMG_0639image1 [52841]image1 [49871]IMG_1310image1 [49775]IMG_0233attac07-09-16jenniebretthk_063300607-09-16jenniebretthk_063507-09-16jenniebretthk_072007-09-16jenniebretthk_0785823629_10102254983931345_7447715405301491960_o11224639_10102080226202235_6542204499555357494_o11952771_10102092751491455_8658699629374708971_o12120071_10102172713496955_3470922540804817136_o13071847_10102471459866835_7513730685414567787_o13243969_10102519224685755_8108561123295170552_o13575793_10102590309700815_5222883469908085502_o

As always, a HUGE shout out to my staff!  None of this is possible without you guys!

See you all in the kitchen! JTHOMAS

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