October 17, 2016 | News

Picture this…I’m standing in my driveway with my wife, father and stepmother looking at my small detached garage and saying to them, “let’s turn this into a commercial kitchen and cater high end weddings.”  Nobody hesitated, everyone said “let’s do it!”  I followed that up with ” Great! Now, I need some money!”  Hesitation set in…..LOL!  Anyway, as ya’ll  have read in previous blogs, we ended up building out a commercial kitchen in my garage and catered a couple of weddings here and there.  Finally in February of 2015 we went full on legit and built out an awesome commercial kitchen on Waters Avenue.  Yeah you know where it’s at, next to Sunset Novelties.  People are always scared to say that.  LOL!  I find myself in conversations with people and they say “Oh yeah, you’re right over there next to um….ah….um….eh…” I usually follow up with “Sunset Novelties….???”.  They immediately say “YEAH! THAT”S IT!”  In my head I’m saying to myself “yeah I saw you park across the parking lot last week and walk in there!”  Anyway back to the topic at hand.  A year has passed.  It was amazing.  We more than tripled our “FIRST YEAR” projections for 2015.

So, where does that leave us?  Well the future is bright and we are steaming right along with more projects in the works.  Building a brand for JTHOMAS is my ultimate goal.  I want people to look at the knife handle shaped “T” in my logo and without hesitation say ” that’s JTHOMAS”.  So again, back to the topic at hand.  Have ya’ll noticed that I get distracted real easy and start rambling on???  Enjoy the ride my friends!  Sitting at my desk probably getting distracted, my phone rang.  It was a good friend, Tara Skinner with Posh Petals & Pearls.  I answered the call and was in pure shock of the conversation.  Tara told me that her company was in charge of putting together the design and logistics of the “BEST OF SAVANNAH” party and wanted to know if I wanted to be a vendor.  I was hesitant because we were busy as hell that month.  So I proceeded to tell Tara that I was unsure if I would be able to commit.  She followed up by saying “no worries, but you do know you won Best Caterer right?”.  I was in shock.  I said, “no, I had no idea.”.  Tara said “well check your mail and get back to me.”  So later that day I went to check my PO Box and sure enough there was a packet from Savannah Magazine stuffed way in the back.  The contents inside included VIP tickets to the event and an award.  It’s funny because not only did I have no idea we had won but my award looked like an old balled up one dollar bill that had traveled the around the world at least 2-3 times!  So I called Tara and told her I would love to be a part of the event.  I mean the Champ has to show up right?

It really all started to set in.  Riding high with emotions and thinking to myself, man, we did it.  We took a small no-name company out of a garage and in our first “legitimate” year beat out one of the BEST caterers in the city.  I won’t mention her name but you all know who she is.  She is a Savannah staple and I would be honored just to be mentioned in the same sentence with her.  Anyhow, to all the voters, I don’t know who you are but THANK YOU!  To my staff, THANK YOU!  I know I am an a**hole but I love ya’ll.  I am always pushing for you guys/girls and myself to get better.  To my wife, THANK YOU!  You sit and listen to my dreams and never say no.  You also sit and listen to my tireless rants about God knows what…LOL.  You are truly one of a kind. I love you!  Know that none of this is possible with out you! Thank you for believing in me.  To my mother, THANK YOU so much for being there when I/We needed you the most!  To my Dad & Stepmother, THANK YOU!  You two took a chance on a young ambitious chef and helped him reach his dream!  THANK YOU!  To Genina Ramirez + Meredith Stroud, THANK YOU!  You two gave me my first big shot and although it didn’t go as planned we worked through it and prevailed! Genina told me over coffee one day while we were designing my website that one day I would be the Best caterer in town.  Looks like she was right!  Thank you for your continued support!  Last but certainly not least I would like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Lord knows I try to drop to my knees every night and give thanks.  You certainly know that NONE of this possible without you!  The Lord has truly blessed me and my family in so many ways!  Huge THANK YOU to the big guy!

So there you have it.  Below are some pictures of some recent plates.  It’s these plates that me and my staff pour our heart and soul into.  If you have never worked in a professional kitchen you just wouldn’t understand.  It’s a passion, and I love it!  Enjoy!

best-of-savannah13442652_10102549837198035_3846742642937833912_o886246_10102286807446765_1828906072341788729_o 886956_10102388894064365_8583629704131154259_o1462607_10102255223037175_433212539067631271_o12027131_10102177476921015_3539714274242956954_o 12034343_10102389685862595_7317112986204392036_o 12091448_10102158910628015_864694805342170769_o12363136_10102245520570995_5052249231073506485_o 12419293_10102415587161185_1146286995591019409_o12440607_10102401864770965_90316587121523027_o 12471529_10102284229562865_7672694979309619151_o12540559_10102299400679825_3883822501153689346_n 12622421_10102320921327275_7357452278250549054_o 12640422_10102320919810315_8751953753329380188_o12697068_10102321260592385_1202461236615694452_o 12719513_10102407589947665_1542190022317272898_o 12792204_10102363454934585_3281796253497943329_o 12819362_10102401021815255_659422827780996219_o 12823413_10102366136695315_5000142781674374521_o 12828957_10102364367351095_7651802372844202582_o 12829178_10102379433273865_4878984594434278185_o 12841295_10102365142437815_3948922524783082670_o12977265_10102445545434565_2425972534601826057_o 12983231_10102455959330035_2673881018237755453_o 12983796_10102453587203795_5786328601426000638_o 12998349_10102450261523485_3348281379903749725_o 13029455_10102457403061785_3667514154406629540_o 13055191_10102453071427415_6589007079499602028_o13268169_10102519201427365_4957661941061077286_o 13268494_10102516304976875_1341101611268975143_o 13301246_10102512695674945_4610796623242823534_o 13613231_10102600464949615_68778860415498187_o 13641281_10102603391280225_7611408096706043229_o 13700956_10102607240371615_7112321123303357122_o 14361285_10102753395196175_6203441162125758160_o 14372404_10102753048975005_98981825748407751_o 14379654_10102747690533365_5490911148765638025_o13701066_10102608268670895_4341006337328179606_o 13738241_10102609532118935_2533026014527536540_o 13913655_10102662041295125_8147718115337766788_o 14053920_10102689861123965_7467970706780434446_o 14053934_10102686997128435_2035582140160467629_o 14125747_10102700786344735_4183307647665384651_o 14258309_10102746397808995_6463199367762589833_o

Again, THANKS to all!  Hope you guys enjoyed!  See you in the kitchen!



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One Full Year Since We Last Blogged!!! We Are Back!!!

October 12, 2016 | News

Well, well, well….what can I say???  Last year was our first year in business and man did it eat us up!!!!  Fall wedding season hit us last year like a ton of bricks.  We did 19 events last October and we are on pace to do that this year.  It turned into me telling myself, “man I should really blog that last wedding.”  A week would go by and I would say to myself “man I really should blog those last two weddings…”  I think you get the idea where this is going…NO…well let me break it down for you.  October of 2015 has come and gone, I barely survived.  Then November was busy as hell, did I mention we had a wedding the day after Thanksgiving?  Keep in mind I am still saying to myself “man I should really blog about those last 20 weddings…”   Then December hit, Holiday parties and Christmas.  A two year old and a new baby are not helping me out either.  So I get through it.  January arrives.  Ahhh the slow season.  Man I should really take this time to blog about those last 30 events….maybe tomorrow.  Damn, its spring wedding season, I should really blog.  Ok, I think you are getting it by now and if you’re not too bad, it’s my first blog in over a year and I’m already tired of typing.  Anyhow….I’m back!  I wanna give a huge shout out to all of my wonderful brides who have gotten married and decided to have us cater their reception.  All of yall were beautiful!  I have attached some pics to show you guys what we have been up too in the last year.  I hope you all enjoy and I am gonna try to keep up with blog a little better this year!  Thanks for all of your continued support!!!!   IMG_0639image1 [52841]image1 [49871]IMG_1310image1 [49775]IMG_0233attac07-09-16jenniebretthk_063300607-09-16jenniebretthk_063507-09-16jenniebretthk_072007-09-16jenniebretthk_0785823629_10102254983931345_7447715405301491960_o11224639_10102080226202235_6542204499555357494_o11952771_10102092751491455_8658699629374708971_o12120071_10102172713496955_3470922540804817136_o13071847_10102471459866835_7513730685414567787_o13243969_10102519224685755_8108561123295170552_o13575793_10102590309700815_5222883469908085502_o

As always, a HUGE shout out to my staff!  None of this is possible without you guys!

See you all in the kitchen! JTHOMAS

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